Casa do Crespo

Frozen Cakes, Pies & Pastries Manufacturing Insdustry


Founded in 1992

Casa do Crespo, founded in 1992, is now a company that looks into the future with a strong confidence based on

• ability to adapt formulas to each client and its specific needs, in a logic "taylor made"
• strong inversion in r&d
• constant effort in the sense of the proximity to the recipes, flavors, aromas and traditional textures
• rationalization and optimization of manufacturing processes, logistics and transport, so we can provide the best solutions for each customer (service x quality x price)
• a commercial team, fully customer oriented and identified with the mission and the values of the company
• strong presence in most retail chains in Portugal, either with Own Brand or Distributor Brand
• growing presence in external markets

about us

A brand with history

Casa do Crespo

Since 1992

Making desserts with a truly homemade flavor.

Staff Casa do Crespo

Casa do Crespo has about 52 employees currently.

Technical capacity

It has technical and human capacities to respond to an increasingly demanding market.

Seal Qualities

Crespo house can be found in most reference hypermarkets in Portugal.


In Oiã - Aveiro The company is easily accessible from major roads.


Keep with transparency in the necessary and sufficient communication with employees, customers, clients, suppliers and institutions.

A brand with history

Casa do Crespo

  • Vision

    To be recognized as a company of excellence in the design, production and marketing of frozen dough.
  • Mission

    Design, produce and market frozen pasta, responding to customer expectations and consumers promoting their full satisfaction, thus promoting the prosperity of the company.
  • Strategy

    Increase innovation in products and organization. Ensure the quality and safety of food products at all stages (from the receipt of raw materials to delivery to the customer), transmitting confidence to customers and consumers.

Quality policy

Casa do Crespo, Lda has as its guiding line the following motto:

“Who PROVES becomes a customer”

This guiding line  is supported by the following principles wich, as a whole, represent the company’s Food Quality and Safety Policy, approved by Management:

 Focus on Customer 
Focus on customer, promoting their satisfaction and confidence in our products, as well as the sustainability of the business, guaranteeing the commitement with the Quality of production processes, from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of final products.

Communication and Satisfaction
Maintain with transparency the necessary and sufficient communication with relevant stakeholders guaranteeing their satisfaction.

Professional Evolution of Employees
Involvement of people, ensuring the proper qualification of our employees involved in activities  with impact on the Quality and Safety Food, fulfilling all the product specifications.

Food Safety
Ensure that all the pastry products produced by us are authentic, safe, harmless and free of toxicity, commiting us to identify, evaluate and control the hazards and risks related to Food Safety and Quality.

Food Safety Management
Continually implemente and improve the company’s Quality and Food Safety Management System, ensuring compliance with all the contractual, legal and regulatory requirements, and others that the company subscrives, applicable to the sector of activity.

Sustainability and Responsibility
Improve environmental performance with a view to the sustainable use of natural resources, promoting ethical behaviours and social responsibility.

From the Original Document – Quality Manual                                                                                                   
Date: July 15,  2019


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